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Chemical Dependency

    Stage I

  • Uses in social setting or alone

  • Occasional to infrequent use

  • Shows curiosity about chemical effects

  • Excitement about not getting caught, adult identification

    Stage II

  • Party weekend use

  • Uses to socialize, not to have fun

  • Controlled use, avoids getting wasted or drunk

    Stage III

  • Changes peer group, new friends

  • Experiences memory loss from use

  • Parents become suspicious of abuse

  • Increasing tolerance -- Quantity and frequency up!

  • Mood changes from abuse -- Anger issues

  • Consequences from abuse -- School, home and legal issues

  • Change in interests -- Partying more important than school, health, family, etc.

  • Increased problems in school -- Truancy, poor school attendance, flunking classes

  • Monday "blues"

    Stage IV

  • School suspensions, expulsion or drops out

  • Demonstrates lying patterns; value system changes

  • Apathy -- "I don't care" attitude

  • Loss of certain friends

  • Loss of interest in school, family and formerly enjoyed activities

  • Poor nutrition, preoccupation with chemicals

  • Family conflicts; excessive arguing

  • Sleeping problems

  • Blackouts -- Increased memory loss

  • Increased use -- Weekdays and weekends

  • Money problems

  • Defensiveness concerning use

  • Rationalizes behavior to hide drug use

  • Denies feelings

The Adolescent Chemical Dependency Progression List
was obtained through
the Adolescent Treatment Program of Mercy Center, Aurora, Illinois

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